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Next Launch Event - SMAP Launch from Vandenberg AFB, CA.
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A/B SMAPA , Soil Moisture Active Passive satellite for NASA. SMAP is an Earth observation satellite mission designed to measure and map Earth's soil moisture and freeze/thaw state.

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- Launch site: SLC-2W, Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA
- Booster: Delta II
- Payloads: SMAP; Secondary payloads (CubeSats): Firebird, ExoCube, Grifex.
- Launch date: (2015-01-31 9:22 amEST (6:22amPST 14:20UTC)

Next Launch from Cape Canaveral
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1 DSCOVR1, the Deep Space Climate Observatory for the U.S Air Force, NOAA and NASA. It will be positioned at the L1 libration point to monitor space weather and Earth's climate.
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- Payload:DSCOVR, Deep Space Climate Observatory for NOAA, NASA, and the US Air Force.
- Booster: Falcon 9 v1.1
- Launch Site: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL
- Launch date: 2015-01-23 6:10 pmEST (2310 UTC)


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4 Fresh Keps Menu, Links to Keplerian Elements, the mathematical variables used by Satellite Tracking programs. +
5 Directions to Space View Park, a great place to view Atlas, Delta, and Falcon launches.
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8 EutelSat115WB/ABS3A8, Two geostationary TV Broadcast satellites will be launched for commercial customers. The satellites will use all-electtric propulsion for altitude raising.
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- Booster: Falcon 9 v1.1
- Launch date: Launch date: 2015-02-17

9 EFT-19, Unmanned Orion space capsule configured as Exploration Flight Test-1. It will be launched to an altitude of 3,600 miles to be able to test the capsule's heat shield as it enters the atmosphere at high speed.
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- Booster: Delta IV Heavy
- Launch date: 2014-12-04, 7:05 amEST (12:05 UTC)

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Keplerian Elements are mathematical variables used to calculate the orbits of celestial bodies, such as planets and space satellites. The links above will allow a user to download the "Keps" easily for use in programs like Pocketsat+.

Ham Radio via ISS, Ham stations heard on Packet Radio via the International Space Station.

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