Next space launch event from Cape Canaveral.

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1   OA-4, 1   A Cygnus capsule made by Orbital Sciences will carry cargo to the International Space Station under a Commercial Resupply Contract.
2Full Status Page. Video coverage begins 20 min before launch time.2 including video feed.

- Payload: OA-4, A Cygnus cargo capsule.
- Booster: Atlas V (401)/Centaur
- Launch date: Saturday, 2015-12-03, 6:03 pmEST (23:03 UTC)

Directions to Space View Park, Titusville. On the Indian River overlooking the Kennedy Space Center.

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3 Launch Viewing Mobile FAQ
4 Fresh Keps Menu, Links to Keplerian Elements, the mathematical variables used by Satellite Tracking programs. +
5 Directions to Space View Park, a great place to view Atlas, Delta, and Falcon launches.
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Future launches from the Canaveral Spaceport.

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