Is it really Cape Canaveral, or Cape Kennedy?
It's really Cape Canaveral, as it has been since the first Spanish explorers came through the region in the early 1500's. Cape Canaveral was called Cape Canaveral long before Cape Cod was called Cape Cod.

Shortly after the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963, Congress, in a fit of zeal, renamed the cape after the fallen president. Years later, Congress was made aware of the historical significance and relationship of the names (as well as the International Treaties regarding the naming of maritime landmarks), and renamed it back to Cape Canaveral. Many people in the media who were here during the Apollo moon program still refer to it by it's temporary name. (Personally, I wouldn't mind if the folks in Massachusetts renamed their cape for the Local Boy, but they'd run into the same "Maritime Landmark" name problem)

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