Can I see a Space Shuttle landing?
You can see daytime landings from Titusville (we like watching from Space View Park). However, it's like watching a DC-9 landing at an airport 10 miles away (in other words, it will look really small). Most Shuttle Orbiters land from south to north, and if you can't see it before, you can watch it pass directly in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building on it's final approach to the Shuttle Landing Facility runway.

Night Landings are another thing entirely. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEE A NIGHT LANDING, because you will be terribly disappointed. I have tried this, and there is nothing to see, since the Shuttle has no landing lights, nor even navigation blinkers. You can see the Shuttle Training Aircraft making landing passes an hour or more before the Shuttle landing, but it has navigation blinkers. When you hear the twin sonic booms, turn on the TV, because TV cameras have Infra-Red lenses. It's what the locals do.

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