Can I see space satellites from my back yard?
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Yes. Before dawn, and after sundown are the two times a day when you can view satellites passing overhead. This is because you are in darkness (the sun hasn't come up yet, or has just set), while the satellite you are viewing is still in sunlight (it has left the Earth's shadow, or hasn't entered it yet). DLR, a German aerospace research center, has set up a web site called Heavens Above. If you live near one of 5,000 locations, you don't need to know your lattitude & longitude, and it will tell you when you can see the International Space Station, and the Hubble Space Telescope.

When you go out into the yard to look for a satellite, remember that the time it gives you is when it comes over the horizon. It will be a couple of minutes before it's high enough in the sky to be visible. It will appear as a moving star. If you have a radio scanner, remember that the Amateur Radio Station on the International Space Station can sometimes be heard on 145.800 MHz while it is above the horizon.

NASA suggests you can Host A Star Party where you can invite your friends over on a clear evening, and view the Space Sation going overhead.

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