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Launch dates ending in -xx are To Be Determined.

SES 16/GovSat 1, A joint venture between SES and the government of Luxembourg
- Booster: Falcon9
- Launch Date: 2018-01-30, 4:23 pmEST (21:42 UTC)

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Falcon Heavy Demo, a test launch of the Falcon Heavy configuration of 3 core boosters, and a Dragon capsule.
- Booster: Falcon Heavy
- Launch Date: 2018-02-06

Hispasat 30W-6, A communications satellite which will be launched for HispaSat based in Madrid, Spain.
- Booster: Falcon9
- Launch Date: 2017-12-xx

Dragon SpaceX 14, An unmanned cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station under a NASA Commercial Resupply Services contract.
- Booster: Falcon 9
- Launch Date: 2018-02-09, 15:02 pmEST (20:02 UTC)
* time of launch has not been announced, but was calculated by SpaceLaunchInfo.Com
Bangabandhu 1, A geostationary TV Broadcast and communications satellite for the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. The Bangabandhu 1 satellite was built by Falcon 9
- Launch Date: 2018-02-xx

Arabsat 6A, Arabsat 6A will provide Ku-band and Ka-band communications coverage over the Middle East and North Africa regions. It is being launched for ArabSat of Saudi Arabia.
- Booster: Falcon9 Heavy
- Launch Date: 2018-02-xx

GOES-S, The second next-generation geostationary weather satellite for NASA and NOAA. GOES-S will orbit 22,300 miles above the equator to monitor weather conditions across the United States.
- Booster: Atlas V (401)/Centaur
- Launch Date: 2018-03-01, 05:01 amEST (10:01 UTC)

TESS, NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. The TESS mission will identify planets ranging from Earth-sized to gas giants, orbiting a wide range of star types and orbital distances from those stars.
- Booster: Falcon9
- Launch Date: 2018-03-20

AFSPC 11, A launch with a payload for the US Air Force Space Command.
- Booster: Atlas V (401)/Centaur
- Launch Date: 2018-04-18

STP 2, US Air Force's Space Test Program-2 mission with a cluster of military and scientific research satellites.
- Booster: Falcon Heavy
- Launch Date: 2018-04-30

Dragon Crew Demo 1, An unmanned test of the Dragon Capsule scheduled to carry people in the future. The capsule is being launched to the Internationl Space Station with only cargo, and will return equipment and experiments to the Earth.
- Booster: Falcon 9
- Launch Date: 2018-04-xx

AEHF 4, Advanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite, a communications satellite for the DoD.
- Booster: Atlas V (531)/Centaur
- Launch Date: 2018-07-xx

Parker Solar Probe, a planned NASA robotic spacecraft to probe the outer corona of the Sun.
- Booster:
Delta IV Heavy
- Launch Date: 2018-07-31, 10:07 amEDT (14:07 UTC)

GPS-3 01, The first Block 3 GPS navigation satellite for the US Air Force.
- Booster: Delta IV
- Launch Date: 2018-08-xx

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